Production Continues

Production on new singles continues at Groove Jungle Studio. Spider tries out different bass guitars for tracking. Meanwhile, Mike has begun final editing on the guitar parts tightening up the sound. Brents Drum parts turned out fantastic. This time around we layered the drum parts, recording each part of the kit separately in order to achieve a bigger fuller drum sound during final mix.

New Tracks

D2ur are back recording and have embarked on 3 new singles at Groove Jungle studio. The usual suspects have banded together to assist in the process. Brent Fitz is once again on the throne pounding out new rhythms for the band. The songs in production are Where’s the Rocket, Little Sunshine, and Wild Ride. The new songs should be available on iTunes and Spotify in early 2019. 

Wornstar Media photo’s

D2UR had Mike McComb from @Wornstar Media attend the Hi Neighbor festival to get some new shots of the band. Mike did a great job and we’re proud to show off some great shots from our performance. 

D2UR Rocks the Hi Neighbor Festival

(From L-R: Donovan Poole, John Colburn, Diane Isbister, Mike Isbister, Billy Ray Martin) D2UR performed a hard hitting set of originals Sunday June 3, 2018 at the Transcona Hi Neighbor Festival in Winnipeg to close out the event. It was a 1 hour set that featured uptempo songs from both D2UR albums. Look for more performance announcements in the near future. 

D2UR line-up

D2UR are pleased to announce the addition of Billy Ray Martin on guitar and Donovan Poole on drums. These gents have considerably strengthened the D2UR force. More performance announcements on the way. 

D2UR updates

It is expected that D2UR will release a new single in Canada within the next couple of weeks. Rumours have it that the single could be the hard rocking “No Way” from the “Tic Toc” album. Also underway are new promotional stickers incorporating the steampunk gear and D2UR lettering in black on a silver foil background. New songs are in the works and D2UR look to hit the studio with co-producer howard Klopak to gleen through material and outline the formation of a new EP. Stay tuned for some additional exciting announcement in the near future.


“Tic Toc” makes Fireworks magazine top 50 albums of 2017

Recently, Mark Donnelly of the UK magazine, Fireworks, ranked D2UR’s album “Tic Toc” as one of the top 50 albums for 2017. That’s pretty heady stuff for D2UR’s second album released July 1, 2017. “We like the harder edged direction we pursued for “Tic Toc” and it seems to be paying off for us” says Mike Isbister. Now to kick it up a notch for the follow up.


‘Run Devil Run’ hits Canada

D2UR’s latest single, the hard hitting “Run Devil Run” was released to radio across Canada this week. Coupled with the release was a short edited version of the video for the same. Power Play magazine says ‘Run Devil Run’ is harder with a driving beat that makes you want to over-rev the engine. Let’s get on the bandwagon Canucks!


Power Play Magazine reviews Tic Toc

Another great review in from Power play magazine this time. We’re beginning to believe the U.K. is getting the picture and we’re loving the attention. So what does Power Play say about D2UR: ‘Well they’re a pretty damn good rock n’ roll band”. Lot’s of positive comments about Diane’s vocals comparing her to Sheryl Crow and Chrissie Hyde – not bad company for a Winnipeg girl. Check it out!