“Live Again” New D2UR Single


“D2UR’s new single “Live Again” was released on November 12, 2022 following up on the success of “Right Now” which was released earlier in the fall. The new single pulses at the outset and then kicks into drive. “Live Again” is about us getting back on our feet after a long run with the pandemic, and our desire to restore things back to the norm. As we rise again, we hope to unleash ourselves from all the rules and fight to restore our lives. We all want to live again…..some of us want to live on forever.  David Sikorski-Thorn layers plenty of ear candy during the song until the up-tempo outro featuring Mike’s slide guitar (ode to Bob Seger). Be ready to be unleashed!

Sold-out Park Theatre performance wrap

By all accounts the sold-out performance at the Park Theatre in Winnipeg was a huge success for D2UR. To kick off the show D2UR introduced a new instrumental lead in to filter the band on stage and then kicked in to “Who Sent You Here” followed by St Augustine. The first set ended with their new single “Little Sunshine” which caused quite a stir in the crowd. The second set finished up with “Where’s the Rocket”, a driving number that had the crowd dancing and rocking wildly.


Sold Out – Park Theatre Performance

D2UR performed to a sold-out home crowd on Thursday January 30th at the infamous Park Theatre in Winnipeg. The performance featured their 3 new singles and a mixture of songs from the Tic Toc and Rev U Up albums. 

Little Sunshine – Manitoba Music song of the Week

D2UR’s new single release “Little Sunshine” was announced song of the week January 16-24 at Manitoba Music which helped heighten the hype the song is achieving. The song is currently being tracked to radio stations across Canada and was featured in a recent interview Indie Band Guru which can be found at https://indiebandguru.com/d2ur-little-sunshine-interview https://www.manitobamusic.com/songoftheweek/view,song/579/little-sunshine  

D2UR release 3 new powerful singles

On December 24, 2019, D2UR released 3 new singles featuring bone crushing beats, infectious bass line grooves and rocking guitar. Following in the same rock vein as their second album “TIC TOC”, all 3 D2UR singles will rock your soul. “Wild Ride” is a full tilt classic rocker of hell bent destruction. The song twists and turns dangerously while the pedal is through the floor. The Bass pulsates and grooves while the drums pound feverishly. It’s one ride you’ll want to take over and over till the end. “Where’s the Rocket” is an up-tempo rocker about crazy antics and good times. Diane Isbister wails through the wall of guitars, driving bass and thumping drums, as the song drives to a frenzy. “Little Sunshine” opens in a haunting dark mood and the vocals spin a tale of deceit and lies. The chorus kicks in and unleashes no mercy. It is a rock’n roll tale of abuse and sadness draped in bombastic rock layers.




Check ’em out! rock is not dead!


Manitoba Music song of the Week

Hey! Hey! D2UR’s new single “Little Sunshine” has been named @manitobamusic song of the week.


The song opens in a haunting dark mood and the vocals spin a tale of deceit and lies. The chorus kicks in and unleashes no mercy. It is a rock’n roll tale of abuse and sadness draped in bombastic rock layers. Check out the song on Spotify at https://open.spotify.com/album/4PS2tJwYzJL4ocUGkTiBZc?si=7ZDHA7coRBWYDw29KTTF_Q.

Be sure to look for D2UR’s other releases “Wild Ride” and “Where’s the Rocket” 

Production Continues

Production on new singles continues at Groove Jungle Studio. Spider tries out different bass guitars for tracking. Meanwhile, Mike has begun final editing on the guitar parts tightening up the sound. Brents Drum parts turned out fantastic. This time around we layered the drum parts, recording each part of the kit separately in order to achieve a bigger fuller drum sound during final mix.

New Tracks

D2ur are back recording and have embarked on 3 new singles at Groove Jungle studio. The usual suspects have banded together to assist in the process. Brent Fitz is once again on the throne pounding out new rhythms for the band. The songs in production are Where’s the Rocket, Little Sunshine, and Wild Ride. The new songs should be available on iTunes and Spotify in early 2019. 

Wornstar Media photo’s

D2UR had Mike McComb from @Wornstar Media attend the Hi Neighbor festival to get some new shots of the band. Mike did a great job and we’re proud to show off some great shots from our performance.