D2UR rose from the wreckage of what was once a cover band and began its metamorphosis as an original band in 2010. Led by Diane and Mike Isbister, D2UR is a straight ahead, no frills rock band From Winnipeg Manitoba in Canada who strive to write great modern rock music.

The debut album was released in 2013 and was accompanied by videos for the title track “Rev U Up” as well as “What’s Wrong Today”. Their song “Not a Good Day” placed top 25 in the 2014 CBC Searchlight competition. In 2015, “Silver & Gold” had a top 10 finish in the Canadian CBC Searchlight competition, a sign that their studio experience and song writing craft was maturing. In 2016 D2UR released a single in Canada called “Losing Control” featuring fiery slide guitar work that earned 15th place in the CJIM Montreal Independent Rock Countdown for 2016.

“Tic Toc”, D2UR’s second full-length album was released in 2017 and features a harder rock platform than its predecessor. The music is guitar driven and relies on great rhythms and solid groove. The band spreads its wings, full tilt rocking through songs such as Songs such as “Run Devil Run” and “Losing Control”. “Piece of You” features some tasty textural slide work ode to Joey Landreth, another fellow Winnipeg native. In contrast, “Things” takes you on a bluesy rock, shrapnel filled journey through the battlefield and the title track “Tic Toc” mysteriously grinds in steampunk fashion giving way to a soaring Floyd like arena rock solo.

With the release of 3 new hard rocking singles, D2UR has booked new performances in their local and have focused their sights on releasing more new material in the near future.

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