Album completion update

Work on the album is nearing completion. Brent Fitz managed to get back to Winnipeg and we were fortunate he was able to complete fantastic drum tracks for the final 4 songs on the album. We love you Brent! After a much needed break in late winter, we sat down and rattled off the final songs in a flurry. After much consideration, we felt that we needed to add some additional heavy material to the album rather than going back into the vault. “Here Comes Trouble” takes us to a darker place and is new ground for D2UR and our fans. “Run Devil Run” is a full tilt rocker but on the heavier side and “St Augustine has a great groove that’ll make you get out of your seat and scuff up your shoes. “Who Sent You Here” has soul but rocks with the driving rhythm guitars and punk solo. Summer is coming to and end friends, so stay warm and stay tuned for further posts on our progress. Cheers!BF clinic