D2UR’s releases new single “Remember My Name”

On January 7, 2023, D2UR release their new single “Remember My Name”.

The signature part of this composition is the hooky melody riff that opens the track and reappears throughout the song. The lyrics were formulated on a pizza box top after a trip to Gull Harbour, Manitoba. After partying for the weekend and back in Winnipeg, we joined our friends around their pool for more fun. We ordered pizza and after eating, ripped the top off one of the pizza box tops, and began taking turns writing out song lyrics line by line until the cardboard was full. After the party, we took the pizza box top home and put it in our studio. It sat there for over a year. One day after we had developed an initial rhythm, we pulled out the pizza box and began developing the lyrical content for the song. We used some of the lines verbatim, but others were morphed as the structure of the song became clearer. The song is about being remembered after we are gone and our hope to carry on in the memories of those we have loved. We all want to live on forever.