D2UR release 3 new powerful singles

On December 24, 2019, D2UR released 3 new singles featuring bone crushing beats, infectious bass line grooves and rocking guitar. Following in the same rock vein as their second album “TIC TOC”, all 3 D2UR singles will rock your soul. “Wild Ride” is a full tilt classic rocker of hell bent destruction. The song twists and turns dangerously while the pedal is through the floor. The Bass pulsates and grooves while the drums pound feverishly. It’s one ride you’ll want to take over and over till the end. “Where’s the Rocket” is an up-tempo rocker about crazy antics and good times. Diane Isbister wails through the wall of guitars, driving bass and thumping drums, as the song drives to a frenzy. “Little Sunshine” opens in a haunting dark mood and the vocals spin a tale of deceit and lies. The chorus kicks in and unleashes no mercy. It is a rock’n roll tale of abuse and sadness draped in bombastic rock layers.




Check ’em out! rock is not dead!