D2UR New Single – “Slippin’ Away”

Work is complete on the new Single “Slippin’ Away” and the song is scheduled for release on November 14, 2020.

Upon returning from a well-deserved break in Palm Springs on March 12, 2020, COVID-19 hit Canada hard and the government put restrictions in place. Self-isolation for two busy people was going to be a challenge if we did not find ways to entertain ourselves. The city of Winnipeg, like others, was like a ghost town at times with very little traffic and fear. It did not take long for us to pull out our guitars and begin to run through ideas for new songs. The idea for Slippin’ Away was born on a catchy guitar lick Diane was strumming. We moved to our demo studio where we recorded and arranged the song. It took no time at all for the song to come together. That preliminary work was shared with our bandmates who in turn sent us back their parts. Once edited into the song, the session remained until we met with producer Murray Pulver. Murray suggested some dynamic changes that the band ran through and then hit Stereobus Recording to record the parts. We recorded the instruments live off the floor followed up with a few overdubs.  In the meantime, work began on the video for the song with Wornstar Media. Recording the final vocals and backing vocals occurred at Signpost Music in Winnipeg. A surprising add came about with Murray suggesting a gang backing vocal approach which really enhanced the song. The song truly catches the essence of our emotions and what the world has gone through the wrath of COVID-19.